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Other services J&T On-Site can provide for your home or place of business, in addition to on-site cleaning and repairs of draperies and window coverings, is upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning. From sofas and side chairs to pool tables and mattresses our portable injection/extraction method of cleaning can handle it all. Because our portable injection/extraction cleaning machine can be used both with a wet cleaning solution or a dry-cleaning solution it can be used to clean virtually any fabric item in your home or place of business.

We always offer free estimates and prefer to come look at the items we will be cleaning in advance so we can give you the most accurate price and we can see if there are any stains that will need attention. For some items, such as pool tables and mattresses we can give a base price over the phone prior to arriving based on the size. When we arrive for the scheduled cleaning we will then inspect all items being cleaned to see if there are any stains we need to address.

When we arrive for your FREE estimate we will thoroughly inspect the items we will be cleaning to verify if they should be wet cleaned or dry cleaned and to confirm with you if there are any stains that will need treating.

When we arrive for the cleaning appointment we first protect the areas surrounding the items to be cleaned, we will then vacuum these items to remove any loose soil, we then clean the items using our portable injection/extraction cleaning machine either with a wet clean or dry clean solution, depending on the fabric. This method of cleaning is very safe for even the most delicate fabrics. The injection/extraction method of cleaning injects a cleaning solution into the fabric and immediately extracts the dirty solution off in the same movement. It is a very effective way to clean your upholstery and mattresses. Once the cleaning is done it will take only a short time until your items are dry.

We here at J&T On-Site want to stress how important it is to regularly clean your mattresses. If you suffer from allergies you know how important it is to remove dust from your home. Having your mattresses cleaned won’t cure allergies but it may help reduce the intensity and frequency of allergy attacks. We tend to forget all the things our mattresses may be holding on to. From sweat and dust to urine, vomit, and pet stains, our mattresses have seen it all. To sleep well and breathe easy we recommend cleaning your mattresses at least once a year and once every six months if you or someone in your household suffers from allergies.

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Certified to Clean Hunter Douglas

We are certified by On-Site Fabricare to clean Hunter Douglas products and have proudly earned the designation Certified Fabricare Specialist.

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Drapery Cleaning

Our Drapery Cleaning Service aims to restore your drapes back to new. You can count on J&T On-Site to exceed your expectations.

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